Woodpecker : This species if known for their named characteristic as their behaviour of pecking wood. They peck wood for two reasons, the known one is obviously to create a cavity for nesting but they also feed on insects who live on tree barks.

They are cavity-nesting birds and have some different names based on their appearance like Flameback who have dark red colour on their back and similarly one having dark yellow crowned nape called Yellownape.

Woodpeckers have strong bills for drilling and drumming on trees, and long sticky tongues for extracting insects and larvae. Their drumming sound can be heard from very long distances. Their plumage and its colour varies in type of habitat they exits. A common Flameback colour may vary from golden to dark red and so often called. As they are known for drumming but they have sometimes similar singing call as few Thrush.

List of Woodpecker found in India

Bird NameFamily NameRecord Location and StatusPreview
Black rumped FlamebackFlamebackBharatpur, Corbett
Common FlamebackFlamebackWaynad
Greater FlamebackFlameback
Himalayan FlamebackFlameback
Andaman WoodpeckerWoodpecker
Bay WoodpeckerWoodpecker
Black WoodpeckerWoodpeckerNot Recorded in India
Brown capped Pygmy WoodpeckerWoodpecker
Brown fronted WoodpeckerWoodpecker
Crimson breasted WoodpeckerWoodpecker
Darjeeling WoodpeckerWoodpecker
Fulvous breasted WoodpeckerWoodpeckerPangot, Himachal
Grear spotted WoodpeckerWoodpecker
Great Slaty WoodpeckerWoodpecker
Grey capped Pygmy WoodpeckerWoodpeckerJhaltola, Uttaranchal
Grey headed WoodpeckerWoodpeckerKausani, Uttaranchal
Heart spotted WoodpeckerWoodpecker
Himalayan WoodpeckerWoodpeckerSarahan, Himachal
Laced WoodpeckerWoodpeckerNot Resident, a Rare or accidental Visitor
Pale headed WoodpeckerWoodpecker
Rufous bellied WoodpeckerWoodpecker
Rufous WoodpeckerWoodpecker
Scaly bellied WoodpeckerWoodpecker
Sind WoodpeckerWoodpecker
Streak throated WoodpeckerWoodpeckerCorbett, Uttaranchal
Stripe breasted WoodpeckerWoodpecker
Three toed WoodpeckerWoodpeckerNot Recorded in India
White bellied WoodpeckerWoodpecker
White naped WoodpeckerWoodpecker
Yellow crowned WoodpeckerWoodpeckerBharatpur
Greater YellownapeYellownape
Lesser YellownapeYellownapeKausani, Uttaranchal
Bird NameFamily NameRecord Location and StatusPreview
Brown HornbillHornbill
Great HornbillHornbillCorbett, Uttaranchal
Indian Grey HornbillHornbillEntire Noth India
Malabar Grey HornbillHornbill
Malabar Pied HornbillHornbillKabini, Nagarhole
Narcondam HornbillHornbill
Oriental Pied HornbillHornbillCorbett, Uttaranchal
Plain pouched HornbillHornbill
Rufous necked HornbillHornbill
Srilanka Grey HornbillHornbill
Wreathed HornbillHornbill
Speckled PiculetPiculetKausani, Uttaranchal
White browed PiculetPiculet
Bar tailed TreecreeperTreecreeperJhaltola, Uttaranchal
Brown throated TreecreeperTreecreeper
Eurasian TreecreeperTreecreeper
Rusty flanked TreecreeperTreecreeper