Pigeon ( कबूतर): Pigeon occur worldwide  and that too in huge numbers. Rock Pigeon also called Common Pigeon is the most common species in India and they have also evolved themselves in sharing space in city life. Smaller forms are usually called doves, larger forms pigeons.

The other common variety is Yellow footed Green Pigeon which is resident and found across India across forests, city parks, shrubs etc. Hill and Snow Pigeon can be seen in upper Himalayan range.

They are possibly the oldest ones domesticated by humans for various purposes, acting as messenger was most familiar one.

Due to domestication of Pigeons they  show a variety of plumages and size, such species of pigeons are called “Feral Pigeons” (See gallery for image)

Dove ( फाक्ता ): A smaller variety from Pigeon family called Dove. The names pigeon and dove are often used interchangeably. Doves have a little longer tail . 

Oriental Turtle Dove has got some migratory behavior and a common sight in Himalayas where they are resident. Other species like Eurasian Collared , Red Collared, Spotted and laughing Doves are very common sight all across India.

They along with Pigeons holds the symbol of “PEACE” as some may suggest “Dove of Peace”.

Parakeet ( तोता ): Parakeet, also commonly called as parrot, but as nomenclature goes, they differ in size.  Parrots are smaller in size and have small tails.

They mainly feed on seeds and found world wide and are abundant India especially Rose ringed and Alexandrine  and also have very slight difference in appearance.

They have a very unique voice and are also known for learning and pronouncing words.

List of Pigeons, Dove, Pigeon and Parrots of India

Bird NameFamily NameRecord Location and StatusPreview
Andaman Cuckoo DoveDove
Barred Cuckoo DoveDove
Emerald DoveDove
Eurasian Collared DoveDoveJodhpur
European Turtle DoveDoveNot Resident, a Rare or accidental Visitor
Laughing DoveDoveEntire North India
Oriental Turtle DoveDoveLower Himalayan Range
Red Collared DoveDoveLower Himalayan Range
Spotted DoveDove
Alexnanderine ParakeetParakeetRanthombhore, Bharatpur
Blosoom headed ParakeetParakeet
Derbyan ParakeetParakeet
Grey headed ParakeetParakeet0
Intermediate ParakeetParakeet
Layard's ParakeetParakeet
Long tailed ParakeetParakeet
Malabar ParakeetParakeet
Nicobar ParakeetParakeet
Plum headed ParakeetParakeetRanthombhore, Corbett
Red breasted ParakeetParakeetLansdowne
Rose ringed ParakeetParakeetEntire North India
Slaty headed ParakeetParakeetKausani, Uttaranchal, Tehri
Srilanka Hanging ParrotParrot
Vernal hanging ParrotParrotWaynad
Andaman Wood PigeonPigeon
Ashy Wood PigeonPigeon
Common Wood PigeonPigeon
Green Imperial PigeonPigeon
Hill PigeonPigeon
Mountain Imperial PigeonPigeon
Nicobar PigeonPigeon
Nilgiri Wood PigeonPigeon
Orange breasted Green PigeonPigeon
Pale capped PigeonPigeon
Pied Imperial PigeonPigeon
Pin tailed Green PigeonPigeon
Pompadour Green PigeonPigeon
Rock PigeonPigeonEntire India
Snow PigeonPigeon
Speckled Wood PigeonPigeon
Srilanka Wood PigeonPigeon
Stock PigeonPigeon
Thick billed Green PigeonPigeon
Wedge tailed Green PigeonPigeon
Yellow eyed PigeonPigeon
Yellow footed Green PigeonPigeonEntire North and West India