Sunbird and SpiderhunterThey come from family of small birds, very bright in colour (especially male) forward curved bill. They are distant relatives of Hummingbirds and plays a very important role in pollination.

They are very lightweight birds and keep bumping flower to flower and creates a delightful sight specially in morning hours. With similar size and behavior an another beauty with White ring around eye is called “White-Eye

Purple and Purple rumped Sunbird along with Oriental White-Eye are the most common ones found in most parts of India and rest are a rare sight on long Himalayan range.

Bee Eater : They are again a small-medium sized bird and are exactly as name suggests. They can be seen hunting in flight and mostly feed on bees and flies or for that matter any similar sized insect. Green Bee-eater is only common species which can be seen at ease and also some variety also do migrate.

Fly catcher : There are hundreds of species who feed on flies but around 30 odd species of bird is been given a surname as Flycatcher and the most famous among is Asian Paradise Flycatcher. Some are migratory but most are resident but not usually found on open fields. Himalayan jungle are where 20 odd species can be spotted.

There is very slight difference between them and Thrushes and Warblers. Some flycatchers looks closely similar with slight difference in plumage.

List of Sunbird, Flycatcher, Bee-eater and Spiderhunters found in India

Bird NameFamily NameRecord Location and StatusPreview
Blue bearded Bee-eaterBee-eater
Blue cheeked Bee-eaterBee-eater
Blue tailed Bee-eaterBee-eater
Chestnut headed Bee-eaterBee-eaterCorbett, Uttaranchal
European Bee-eaterBee-eater
Green Bee-eaterBee-eaterAlmost Entire India
Asian Brown FlycatcherFlycatcher
Asian Paradise FlycatcherFlycatcherRanthambhore
Black and Orange FlycatcherFlycatcher
Blue throated FlycatcherFlycatcher
Brown breasted FlycatcherFlycatcher
Brown chested Jungle FlycatcherFlycatcherNo Confirmed Status or Dubious
Dark sided FlycatcherFlycatcher
Dull blue FlycatcherFlycatcher
Ferruginous FlycatcherFlycatcher
Grey headed Canary FlycatcherFlycatcherCorbett, Uttaranchal
Hill Blue FlycatcherFlycatcherUttaranchal
Kashmir FlycatcherFlycatcher
Little pied FlycatcherFlycatcher
Nilgiri FlycatcherFlycatcherConoor, Karnataka
Pale Blue FlycatcherFlycatcherUttaranchal
Pale chinned FlycatcherFlycatcher
Pygmy Blue FlycatcherFlycatcher
Red throated FlycatcherFlycatcher
Rufous gorgeted FlycatcherFlycatcher
Rusty tailed FlycatcherFlycatcherJhaltola, Uttaranchal
Sapphire FlycatcherFlycatcher
Slaty backed FlycatcherFlycatcher
Slaty Blue FlycatcherFlycatcher
Snowy browed FlycatcherFlycatcher
Spotted FlycatcherFlycatcher
Tickell's Blue FlycatcherFlycatcher
Ultramarine FlycatcherFlycatcher
Verditer FlycatcherFlycatcherKausani, Uttaranchal
White bellied Blue FlycatcherFlycatcherWaynad
White gorgeted FlycatcherFlycatcher
White tailed FlycatcherFlycatcherNo Confirmed Status or Dubious
Yellow rumped FlycatcherFlycatcherNot Resident, a Rare or accidental Visitor
Black RedstartRedstartSpiti Valley, Upper Himalayas
Blue capped RedstartRedstart
Blue fronted RedstartRedstartJhaltola, Uttaranchal
Common RedstartRedstartSpiti Valley, Upper Himalayas
Daurian RedstartRedstartNo Confirmed Status or Dubious
Hodgson's RedstartRedstart0
Plumbeous Water RedstartRedstartBinsar
Rufous backed RedstartRedstart
White bellied RedstartRedstart
White capped Water RedstartRedstartChakrata, Uttaranchal
White throated RedstartRedstart
White winged RedstartRedstart
Siberian RubythroatRubythroat
White tailed RubythroatRubythroatBinsar
Little SpiderhunterSpiderhunterGoa
Streaked SpiderhunterSpiderhunter
Black throated SunbirdSunbirdJhaltola, Uttaranchal
Crimson backed SunbirdSunbirdJhaltola, Uttaranchal
Crimson SunbirdSunbird
Fire tailed SunbirdSunbird
Green tailed SunbirdSunbird
Loten's SunbirdSunbird
Mrs Gould's SunbirdSunbird
Olive backed SunbirdSunbird
Purple rumped SunbirdSunbirdGOA
Purple SunbirdSunbirdNorth India
Purple throated SunbirdSunbird0
Ruby cheeked SunbirdSunbird