Cuckoo and Koel: Cuckoos are a medium sized slender bird and all species live in trees, although their feeding habits take them on ground as well where they are seen picking earthworms and other insects. mostly they feed on insects, caterpillars and other tree-worms.

Almost all species found in India are resident and some carry out small migrations.

Cuckoos / Koels are known to be brood parasites and said to be laying their eggs in the nests of other birds but not an evident fact by rule, but the majority of species raise their own young in their own build nests.

Koel is a very known Indian bird and famous for its repeated calls raising “Ko-eu — Ko-eu`—“


Barbet: Barbets are a fascinating species and known for their voice calls which is monotonous, far-reaching and goes on for hours. Barbets sit stolidly in treetops when not feeding  (insects, lizards, eggs, fruit, and berries) and continue whih their calls.

Coppersmith Barbet’s call is a loud rather metallic tunk…tunk…tunk reminiscent of a copper sheet being beaten, giving the bird its nameand also are the most common type in India along with Brown headed Barbet.

Great and Blue throated Barbet are found in Himalayas and White cheeked in southern coast, rest are a rare watch.

List of Cuckoo, Barbet and Coucal

Bird NameFamily NameRecord Location and StatusPreview
Blue eared BarbetBarbet
Blue throated BarbetBarbetKausani, Uttaranchal
Brown headed BarbetBarbet
Coppersmith BarbetBarbetNorth India, Central and South India
Crimson fronted BarbetBarbet
Golden throated BarbetBarbet
Great BarbetBarbetUttaranchal, Himachal
Lineated BarbetBarbet
White cheeked BarbetBarbetWaynad, Kerala
Yellow fronted BarbetBarbet
Brown CoucalCoucal
Greater CoucalCoucalBharatpur, North India
Green billed CoucalCoucal
Lesser CoucalCoucalEntire North India
Asian Emerald CuckooCuckoo
Banded Bay CuckooCuckoo
Common Hawk CuckooCuckoo
Drongo CuckooCuckoo
Eurasian CuckooCuckoo
Grey bellied CuckooCuckooBharatpur
Hodgson's Hawk CuckooCuckoo
Indian CuckooCuckooKerala
Large Hawk CuckooCuckoo
Lesser CuckooCuckoo
Oriental CuckooCuckoo
Pied CuckooCuckooBharatpur
Plaintive CuckooCuckoo
Violet CuckooCuckoo
Asian KoelKoelEntire India