Sparrow: Sparrows are small sized chirping birds even though they are small, they possess bigger feet in ratio of their body size which helps them to scratch and even dig in search of seeds they eat and their cone-shaped beaks help them to peck those seeds.

Sparrows have beautiful voices and their chirping and singing can be heard all over especially in the morning hours. Other unique characteristics are their smooth, round heads, and rounded wings. House sparrow males have reddish feathers on their backs whereas females are brown and striped. They are found all over the world with slight change in plumage depending upon climatic conditions.

They are able and efficient constructors of their nests mostly build low to the ground and they make them with grass, twigs etc.

In recent times, their population took a hit with some theories of mobile tower radiation forcing them away from human settlements in cities and they are now only called sparrow stripping house suffix to their name.

Munia: They are small birds which appears similar somewhat to sparrows and finches,  feed mainly on seeds, usually in relatively open habitats, preferring to feed on the ground or on reeds of grasses. Their plumage is usually a combination of browns, black and white, with the sexes differ in appearance.

In-spite similarities within this group few names are being changed; like Indian Silverbill a new name to White throated Munia and Red Avadavat in place of Red Munia.

List of Sparrows and Munias

Bird NameFamily NameRecord Location and StatusPreview
Green AvadavatAvadavat
Red AvadavatAvadavatOkhla, Yamuna wetlands
Black headed MuniaMunia
Black throated MuniaMunia
Scaly breasted MuniaMuniaGoa
White rumped MuniaMuniaGoa
Indian SilverbillSilverbillOkhla
Dead Sea SparrowSparrow
Eurasian Tree SparrowSparrow
House SparrowSparrowAll India
Java SparrowSparrowNew Species Found
Pale Rock SparrowSparrowNot Recorded in India
Rock SparrowSparrow
Russet SparrowSparrowUttaranchal
Sind SparrowSparrow
Spanish SparrowSparrow