India Peafowl ( मोर ): Peacock is rather more common name in India and its a National Bird. There use to be 2 variety,the other one named Green Peafowl which is possibly extinct now.

Peacock holds high cultural values in Indian society and Buddhist philosophy. Its a symbol of wisdom, art and mythological belief.

Peafowl are omnivorous and feed on seeds, insects, reptiles and fruits. They are also known to kill small snakes. Since they have large social acceptance, so they have also learned to live with humans and even welcomed in agricultural fields. 


Kalij Pheasant : Its a Himalayan bird and most common of all pheasants

The Kalij Pheasant can be found in a variety of habitat types such as evergreen and deciduous forests with dense undergrowth in Himalayan valley. They can be spotted near small water bodies in early hours of day.

Like numerous pheasants, the Kalij Pheasant is omnivorous. They feeds on varieties like small insects, snakes, termites, figs, forest yams, acorns, ripe fruits and other plant matter.

List of Fowl, Pheasant and Francolin

Bird NameFamily NameRecord Location and Status
Black FrancolinFrancolinUttaranchal
Chinese FrancolinFrancolin
Grey FrancolinFrancolinRanthombhor
Painted FrancolinFrancolin
Swamp FrancolinFrancolin
Grey JunglefowlJunglefowlKabini, Nagarhole
Red JunglefowlJunglefowlJhaltola, Uttaranchal
Srilanka JunglefowlJunglefowl
Green PeafowlPeafowlExtinct
Indian PeafowlPeafowlEntire North India
Blood PheasantPheasant
Cheer PheasantPheasant
Common PheasantPheasant
Grey Peacock PheasantPheasant
Kalij PheasantPheasantJhaltola, Uttaranchal
Koklass PheasantPheasant
Mrs Hume’s PheasantPheasant
Tibetan Eared PheasantPheasant

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