Black-billed Magpie:

Record location: North Kashmir and possibly not found anywhere else in India, its an European / American bird.

Vary similar to grey treepie, little larger with black body, white patched greater covert, tail little shorter than blue Magpie and dark bill.

Black-necked Stork:

Record location: Bharatpur, Rajasthan its a migratory bird but an irregular visitor to this area.

Apart other similar features of stork family, the bill has a slight upward curve, greater coverts and neck are all black, rest body is all white.

Common Redstart:(not common as name suggests)

Record location: Hikkim village -Spiti, Himachal Pradesh Passing visitor and from Afganistan-Pakistan-Laddak-Spiti

White fore-crown, pale red underpart and black around neck and shoulder.

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Lammergeier: (also called Bearded Vulture)

Record location: Hikkim village -Spiti, Himachal Pradesh Resident bird of high altitude Himalayas.

Very large winged raptor belongs to the family of Vulture. 


Great Crested Greebe:

Record location: Najafgarh drain area, Haryana Winter visitor during breeding season. Rare sight in this area.


Malabar Pied Hornbill:

Record location: Kabini, Nagarhole National Park, Karnataka Resident to this area (Karnataka, Kerala forests) and not found anywhere else in India.  

Speckled Piculet:

Record location: Kausani, Uttaranchal Resident to mid Himalayan range along with coast line forests of Konkan, Malabar and Coromandal