Other Wading Birds

Wading Birds
Wading birds are found both in fresh and saltwater throughout the world on every continent except Antarctica. They are even found in urban and suburban areas such as along ponds, man-made swamps etc because most wader species prefer wet habitats

Wading birds can be distinguished by their physical characteristics and their eating behaviors.

Most waders in this category have thin bills and defined shape depending on the types of food they consume.

In addition to physical characteristics, wading birds share a variety of behavioral traits that help identify the bird family.

SlNoBird NameFamily NameRecord Location and StatusPreview
3Pied AvocetAvocetSultanpur Fields, Haryana
117Common CootCootBharatpur, Okhla, South India
118Great CormorantCormorantAlmost Entire India
119Indian CormorantCormorantAlmost Entire India
120Little CormorantCormorantAlmost Entire India
121Pygmy CormorantCormorant
126Cream coloured CourserCourser
127Indian CourserCourser
128Jerdon's CourserCourser
130Andaman CrakeCrake
131Baillon's CrakeCrake
132Black tailed CrakeCrake
133Brown CrakeCrake
134Corn CrakeCrakeNot Resident, a Rare or accidental Visitor
135Little CrakeCrake
136Red legged CrakeCrake
137Ruddy breasted CrakeCrake
138Slaty legged CrakeCrake
139Spotted CrakeCrake
169Eastern CurlewCurlew
170Eurasian CurlewCurlew
171Slender billed CurlewCurlewNot Recorded in India
173DarterDarterAlmost Entire India
188Asian DowitcherDowitcher
189Long billed DowitcherDowitcherNot Resident, a Rare or accidental Visitor
265Masked FinfootFinfootNot Recorded in India
344Bar tailed GodwitGodwit
345Black tailed GodwitGodwitSultanpur Fields
370Common GreenshankGreenshank
371Nordmann's GreenshankGreenshank
433Bronze winged JacanaJacanaBharatpur
434Pheasant tailed JacanaJacanaBharatpur
568Common MoorhenMoorhenEntire North India
768Collard PratincolePratincole
769Oriental PratincolePratincole
770Small PratincolePratincole
792Slaty breasted RailRail
793Water RailRail
796Common RedshankRedshankSultanpur Fields
797Spotted RedshankRedshankOkhla
844RuffRuffBharatpur, Sultanpur
855Broad billed SandpiperSandpiper
856Buff breasted SandpiperSandpiper
857Common SandpiperSandpiperAll India
858Curlew SandpiperSandpiper0
859Marsh SandpiperSandpiperBharatpur, West Central and South India
860Pectoral SandpiperSandpiper
861Sharp tailed SandpiperSandpiper
862Spoon billed SandpiperSandpiper
863Terek SandpiperSandpiper
864Green SandpiperSandpiper0
865White rumped SandpiperSandpiper
866Wood SandpiperSandpiperEntire North India
914Common SnipeSnipeSultanpur
915Great SnipeSnipeNot Resident, a Rare or accidental Visitor
916Greater painted SnipeSnipe
917Jack SnipeSnipe
918Pintail SnipeSnipe
919Solitary SnipeSnipe
920Swinhoe's SnipeSnipe
921Wood SnipeSnipe
960Black winged StiltStiltEntire North India
998Purple SwamphenSwamphenEntire North India
1207White breasted WaterhenWaterhenEntire North India
1231Eurasian WoodcockWoodcockNot Recorded in India
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