Eagles are large, powerful and have wide wingspan among all raptors. Even the smaller eagles like Hawk Eagle and Small Serpent Eagle have beak and wings longer than other accipiters. Most eagles are larger than any other raptors except most vultures. Their broad and heavy beak is extremely powerful to tear the flesh of their prey.

Eagles nests are called eyries and are made on high cliffs.

Golden Eagle ( गरुड़ ) are lasgest among all raptors and are found in high Himalayan range.

whereas, Vultures are scavenging raptors and their population in India is downfall and few have even gone extinct. (in my childhood we use to see Vultures very often clearing dead animals carcass but are hardly found now)

Lammergeier also called bearded Vulture are found in high Himalayan ranges and are famous for an intelligent habit of dropping bones from height on rocks and feeding on bone marrow.

Bird NameFamily NameRecord Location and StatusPreview
Andaman (Dark) Serpent EagleEagle
Black EagleEagleBharatpur
Bonelli's Hawk EagleEagleBharatpur
Booted Hawk EagleEagle
Changeable Hawk EagleEagleCorbett, Uttaranchal
Crested Serpent EagleEagleBharatpur
Eastern Imperial EagleEagle
Golden EagleEagle
Greater Spotted EagleEagleBharatpur
Grey headed Fish EagleEagle
Lesser Fish EagleEagle
Lesser Spotted EagleEagle
Mountain Hawk EagleEagle
Pallas's Fish EagleEagle
Rufous bellied Hawk EagleEagle
Short toed Snake EagleEagleBharatpur
Small (Great Nicobar) Serpent EagleEagle
Small Serpent EagleEagle
Steppe EagleEagleSultanpur Fields
Tawny EagleEagleBharatpur
White bellied Sea EagleEagleGoa
White tailed EagleEagle
Eurasian GriffonGriffon
Himalayan GriffonGriffonSpiti Valley, Upper Himalayas
LammergeierLammergeierSpiti Valley, Upper Himalayas
OspreyOspreyKabini, Nagarhole
Cinereous VultureVulture
Egyptian VultureVultureJammu
Long billed VultureVultureCritically Endangered, Seen ~20years back
Red headed VultureVultureBihar, Uttar Pradesh
White rumped VultureVulture