Sauras Crane ( सारस ): World’s tallest flying bird found in entire north central part of India mostly in agricultural lands, marshy and open wetlands.

They are mostly in couple with juveniles, tall legs, white body and red upper neck and head with greyish crown.

In India they stands as a symbol of marital believe as they remain with partner for life.

Unlike other cranes, Sauras Crane are resident bird and are territorial and mark them with their unique calls while pair dancing.

They are omnivorous and feed on insects, aquatic plants and seeds. Rarely they hunt fish and other aquatic animals. They are also known for feeding in agricultural lands probing shoots and seeds.

Common Crane: Smaller in size as compared to Sauras Crane, slate-grey overall with black front neck, upper tail coverts are all black. They are usually found in groups and has trumpeting call and can be heard from very long distance.

They are migratory birds and the frequency of migration depends upon growth of new feathers of their young once post breeding.

They feed on grains and seeds from agricultural fields, shoots and roots of plants. They also sometimes eat small amphibians

They nest in grassy vegetation and they try to isolate it with predators such as in very shallow water or wetland vegetation. Nests are generally reusable. 


List of Crane species

Bird NameFamily NameRecord Location and Status
Black Necked CraneCrane
Common CraneCraneSultanpur Fields, Haryana
Demoiselle CraneCrane
Hooded CraneCraneNot Resident, a Rare or accidental Visitor
Sarus CraneCraneBharatpur, Sultanpur Fields
Siberian CraneCrane