Thrush : Thrushes are medium sized birds where the maximum species of birds belong, they also feed similar to flycatchers, chats etc. Its the singing capacity of most from this category which is a bit different. ‘Nightangle’ is one from the family of Thrush, they are also called as Singing Bird.

These birds are an unusual sight in open forest, fields and generally seen in green forest areas. Rain forests and Himalayan range are mostly where they are found. Some of them are endangered. Blue whistling Thrush and Streaked Laughing thrush are the most common ones but none hold the status of visibility across large area.

List of Thrush and LaughingThrush and Spiderhunters found in India

Bird NameFamily NameRecord Location and StatusPreview
Ashy headed LaughingthrushLaughingthrush
Black faced LaughingthrushLaughingthrush
Blue winged LaughingthrushLaughingthrush
Brown capped LaughingthrushLaughingthrush
Brown cheeked LaughingthrushLaughingthrushNo Confirmed Status or Dubious
Chestnut backed LaughingthrushLaughingthrush
Chestnut crowned LaughingthrushLaughingthrush
Elliot's LaughingthrushLaughingthrushNo Confirmed Status or Dubious
Giant LaughingthrushLaughingthrushNot Recorded in India
Greater necklaced LaughingthrushLaughingthrush
Grey breasted LaughingthrushLaughingthrush
Grey sided LaughingthrushLaughingthrush
Lesser Necklaced LaughingthrushLaughingthrush
Moustached LaughingthrushLaughingthrush
Nilgiri LaughingthrushLaughingthrush
Rufous chinned LaughingthrushLaughingthrush
Rufous necked LaughingthrushLaughingthrush
Rufous vented LaughingthrushLaughingthrush
Scaly LaughingthrushLaughingthrush
Spot breasted LaughingthrushLaughingthrush
Spotted LaughingthrushLaughingthrush
Streaked LaughingthrushLaughingthrushUttaranchal
Striated LaughingthrushLaughingthrush
Striped LaughingthrushLaughingthrush
Variegated LaughingthrushLaughingthrush
White browed LaughingthrushLaughingthrush
White crested LaughingthrushLaughingthrushNaukuchiatal
White throated LaughingthrushLaughingthrushUttaranchal, Pangot
Wynaad LaughingthrushLaughingthrush
Yellow throated LaughingthrushLaughingthrush
Black breasted ThrushThrush
Blue caped Rock ThrushThrushTehri, Uttaranchal
Blue Rock ThrushThrushKausani, Uttaranchal
Blue Whistling ThrushThrushKashmir
Chestnut bellied Rock ThrushThrush
Chestnut ThrushThrush
Dark sided ThrushThrushNo Confirmed Status or Dubious
Dark throated ThrushThrush
Dusky ThrushThrush
Eyebrowed ThrushThrush
Grey sided ThrushThrush
Kessler's ThrushThrush
Long billed ThrushThrush
Long tailed ThrushThrush
Malabar Whistling ThrushThrushGoa
Mistle ThrushThrushMukteshwar
Orange headed ThrushThrushGoa
Pied ThrushThrush
Plain backed ThrushThrushJhaltola, Uttaranchal
Rufous tailed ThrushThrush
Scaly ThrushThrush
Siberian ThrushThrushNo Confirmed Status or Dubious
Song ThrushThrushNot Resident, a Rare or accidental Visitor
Spot winged ThrushThrush
Srilanka Whistling ThrushThrush
Tickell's ThrushThrush

List of Redstart, Oriole and similar ones found in India

Bird NameFamily NameRecord Location and StatusPreview
Green AvadavatAvadavat
Red AvadavatAvadavatOkhla, Yamuna wetlands
BluethroatBluethroatOkhla, Yamuna wetlands
White browed FantailFantailNaukuchiatal
White throated FantailFantail
Yellow bellied FantailFantail
Common IoraIoraRanthombhore
Marshall's IoraIora
Black hooded OrioleOrioleGoa
Black naped OrioleOriole
Eurasian Golden OrioleOrioleOkhla
Maroon OrioleOriole
Slender billed OrioleOriole
Black RedstartRedstartSpiti Valley, Upper Himalayas
Blue capped RedstartRedstart
Blue fronted RedstartRedstartJhaltola, Uttaranchal
Common RedstartRedstartSpiti Valley, Upper Himalayas
Daurian RedstartRedstartNo Confirmed Status or Dubious
Hodgson's RedstartRedstart0
Plumbeous Water RedstartRedstartBinsar
Rufous backed RedstartRedstart
White bellied RedstartRedstart
White capped Water RedstartRedstartChakrata, Uttaranchal
White throated RedstartRedstart
White winged RedstartRedstart
Beautiful SibiaSibia
Grey SibiaSibia
Long tailed SibiaSibia
Rufous backed SibiaSibia
Rufous SibiaSibiaUttaranchal, Pangot