Buzzard Kite Hawks

Raptors also called Birds of Prey are those who hunt primarily vertebrates. They have sharp eyesight for detecting prey or food at a long distance during flight. Their claws are designed to grasp or kill prey. In absence of any hunt they even eat carcass. Vultures mainly eat carrion/carcass as their main food source which is also considered as big contributor in maintaining ecosystem.

Buzzard: Also commonly called as ( बाज़ ) are have fan shaped tail and major distinction between Kite and Hawks which has forked tail. Honey Buzzards are almost of same size as Kites, where as Black Baza has crest.

Kite: They are most common of the raptors and also can be seen in cities hovering around garbage dumps.

Hawks (Accipiters): They have broad, short wings and comparatively long legs and tail. Sparrowhawks are smaller in size and Northern Goshawk are similar with Kites. The are mainly found in or around forested areas and nests with sticks in tall trees.

Bird NameFamily NameRecord Location and StatusPreview
Black BazaBaza
Jerdon's BazaBaza
Common BuzzardBuzzard
Grey faced BuzzardBuzzardRanthombhore, Bharatpur
Long legged BuzzardBuzzardSultanpur Fields, Bharatpur
Oriental Honey BuzzardBuzzardBharatpur, Corbett
Rough legged BuzzardBuzzardNot Recorded in India
Upland BuzzardBuzzard
White eyed BuzzardBuzzardBharatpur
Crested GoshawkGoshawk
Northern GoshawkGoshawk
Black KiteKiteEntire North India
Black Shouldered KiteKiteBharatpur, Corbett, Sultanpur
Brahminy KiteKiteGoa, Srirangapatna
Red KiteKite
ShikraShikraEntire North India
Chinese SparrowhawkSparrowhawk
Eurasian SparrowhawkSparrowhawk
Japanese SparrowhawkSparrowhawk
Nicobar SparrowhawkSparrowhawk


Eagles are large, powerful and have wide wingspan among all raptors. Even the smaller eagles like Hawk Eagle and Small Serpent Eagle have beak and wings longer than other accipiters. Most eagles are larger than any other raptors except most vultures. Their broad and heavy beak is extremely powerful to tear the flesh of their prey.

Eagles nests are called eyries and are made on high cliffs.

Golden Eagle ( गरुड़ ) are lasgest among all raptors and are found in high Himalayan range.

whereas, Vultures are scavenging raptors and their population in India is downfall and few have even gone extinct. (in my childhood we use to see Vultures very often clearing dead animals carcass but are hardly found now)

Lammergeier also called bearded Vulture are found in high Himalayan ranges and are famous for an intelligent habit of dropping bones from height on rocks and feeding on bone marrow.

Bird NameFamily NameRecord Location and StatusPreview
Andaman (Dark) Serpent EagleEagle
Black EagleEagleBharatpur
Bonelli's Hawk EagleEagleBharatpur
Booted Hawk EagleEagle
Changeable Hawk EagleEagleCorbett, Uttaranchal
Crested Serpent EagleEagleBharatpur
Eastern Imperial EagleEagle
Golden EagleEagle
Greater Spotted EagleEagleBharatpur
Grey headed Fish EagleEagle
Lesser Fish EagleEagle
Lesser Spotted EagleEagle
Mountain Hawk EagleEagle
Pallas's Fish EagleEagle
Rufous bellied Hawk EagleEagle
Short toed Snake EagleEagleBharatpur
Small (Great Nicobar) Serpent EagleEagle
Small Serpent EagleEagle
Steppe EagleEagleSultanpur Fields
Tawny EagleEagleBharatpur
White bellied Sea EagleEagleGoa
White tailed EagleEagle
Eurasian GriffonGriffon
Himalayan GriffonGriffonSpiti Valley, Upper Himalayas
LammergeierLammergeierSpiti Valley, Upper Himalayas
OspreyOspreyKabini, Nagarhole
Cinereous VultureVulture
Egyptian VultureVultureJammu
Long billed VultureVultureCritically Endangered, Seen ~20years back
Red headed VultureVultureBihar, Uttar Pradesh
White rumped VultureVulture

Falcon and Harrier

Bird NameFamily NameRecord Location and StatusPreview
Amur FalconFalcon
Laggar FalconFalcon
Peregrine (Barbary) FalconFalcon
Peregrine FalconFalconBharatpur
Red necked FalconFalcon
Saker FalconFalcon
Sooty FalconFalcon
Collard FalconetFalconet
Pied FalconetFalconet
Eurasian Marsh HarrierHarrierBharatpur
Hen HarrierHarrier
Montagu's HarrierHarrier
Pallid HarrierHarrierBharatpur
Pied HarrierHarrier
Eurasian HobbyHobby
Oriental HobbyHobby
Common KestrelKestrelRanthombhor
Lesser KestrelKestrel


OWLS, my favourite, though they are not true raptors, but are here in this section because have some similar feature.

Owls mostly hunt mammals, small birds, frogs etc. and also have some species as fish hunters. They are global Bird of Prey except very dry desert like or freezing cold lands.

Owls have a hawk type beak, ears on front of face which is designed to catch sonic sound waves which they release while hunting. Most birds of prey have eyes on the sides of their heads, whereas the stereoscopic nature of the owl’s forward-facing eyes gives them a greater sense and depth of vision also due to tube shaped eye for low-light hunting. Since their eyes cannot move like most creatures, still they have 270 degree vision as they can rotate their neck.

Bird NameFamily NameRecord Location and StatusPreview
Andaman Hawk OwlOwl
Andaman scops OwlOwl
Barn OwlOwlBharatpur
Boreal OwlOwlNot Resident, a Rare or accidental Visitor
Brown fish OwlOwl
Brown Hawk OwlOwl
Brown wood OwlOwl
Buffy fish OwlOwl
Collared scops OwlOwlBharatpur
Dusky Eagle OwlOwl
Eurasian Eagle OwlOwlSultanpur Fields
Eurasian scops OwlOwl
Grass OwlOwl
Hume's OwlOwlNo Confirmed Status or Dubious
Little OwlOwl
Long eared OwlOwl
Mottled wood OwlOwl
Mountain scops OwlOwl
Oriental bay OwlOwl
Oriental scops OwlOwl
Pallid scops OwlOwl
Short eared OwlOwl
Snowy OwlOwl
Spot-billed Eagle OwlOwl
Tawny fish OwlOwl
Tawny OwlOwl
Asian barred OwletOwlet
Chestnut backed OwletOwlet
Collared OwletOwlet
Forest OwletOwlet
Jungle OwletOwlet
Spotted OwletOwletBharatpur

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