There are variety of birds who stay on ground quite often but not all the time as their food depends on ground organisms, shoots, seeds etc.

Some of them are listed here

Bird NameFamily NameRecord Location and StatusPreview
Common HoopoeHoopoeEntire Noth India
Grey headed LapwingLapwingSultanpur
Northern LapwingLapwingSultanpur Fields
Red wattled LapwingLapwingEntire North India
River LapwingLapwing
Sociable LapwingLapwingSultanpur Fields
White tailed LapwingLapwingSultanpur Fields
Yellow wattled LapwingLapwingSultanpur Fields
Blyth's PipitPipit
Buff bellied PipitPipit
Long billed PipitPipit
Meadow PipitPipit
Nilgiri PipitPipit
Olive backed PipitPipit
Paddyfield PipitPipitNorth India
Red throated PipitPipit
Richard's PipitPipit
Rosy PipitPipit
Tawny PipitPipit
Tree PipitPipit
Upland PipitPipit
Water PipitPipit